Sherlock AI : Expanding Beverage Reach Through Sherlock AI-Powered Insights


A large global beverage company’s Japanese bottler sought to expand its presence in the restaurant market by analyzing unserved locations. The bottler leveraged Sherlock AI, a platform that integrates 5 large language models (LLMs), to process 14 million anonymized user data points and generate actionable insights within 4 weeks.


The bottler wanted to identify underserved restaurant markets and prioritize expansion opportunities to drive revenue growth. They needed to extract valuable insights from multiple data sources to guide their sales and distribution strategies.


1. Analyze 3rd Party Data Sets : The bottler acquired and analyzed various third-party data sets, including restaurant locations, local store information, population distribution, and prosperity indices.

2. Leverage Sherlock AI’s LLM Integration : The bottler utilized Sherlock AI, a platform that seamlessly integrates 5 powerful LLMs, to process and analyze the diverse data sets.

3. Layer Multiple Datasets : By layering these data sets within the Sherlock AI platform, the bottler gained a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, identifying areas with sparse beverage coverage despite the presence of multiple universities and other potential customer hubs.

4. Correlate Footfall and Sales : The Sherlock AI platform enabled the team to analyze the correlation between restaurant footfall and sales, allowing them to prioritize expansion opportunities based on potential revenue impact.

5. Prioritize Restaurants : Using the insights generated by Sherlock AI, the bottler prioritized restaurants for targeted sales and distribution efforts, focusing on locations with the highest growth potential.

6. Identify Vending Machine Locations : The bottler also leveraged the Sherlock AI-powered data analysis to identify optimal locations for vending machines, taking into account expected footfall and sales projections.

7. Integrate with CRM : The bottler seamlessly integrated the data-driven insights directly into their Salesforce/CRM system, empowering the field sales team to take immediate action on the identified opportunities.


By leveraging the power of Sherlock AI’s LLM integration, the bottler was able to:

  • Expand their presence in previously underserved restaurant markets
  • Prioritize high-potential locations for targeted sales and distribution efforts
  • Optimize vending machine placement to capture additional revenue streams
  • Provide their field sales team with actionable insights to drive growth

The Sherlock AI platform’s ability to process and analyze large, complex data sets enabled the bottler to make informed, strategic decisions that led to increased market penetration and revenue growth in the Japanese restaurant sector.